Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, all pallet racking will need building consent, this is impreative for insurance cover of your products being stored. Storage System will manage this entire process, relieving any stress.

Compliance requires the following 4 producer statements:

PS1 – Evaluation by registered engineer
PS2 – This engineer’s evaluation is peer viewed (if over 4m high)
PS3 – Provided by the installer.
PS4 – Final sign off from engineer for council approval

  • Yes at Storage Systems we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our products.

  • We use Q345 grade steel where other providers may only use Q235 grade. Our products meet both Australia and New Zealand building standards as well as international standards.

  • No, Storage systems will provide an experienced project manager who will liaise with your warehouse manager to get the job done with minimal disturbance to your operations.

  • As your system stores your products and has employees working around them on a day to day basis, we think it is paramount to have it checked at least annually.

  • Some warehouses have machinery operating around the clock so it is critical to locate and repair any damages for everyone’s safety.

  • Storage Systems can complete a safety audit and repair schedule of your existing racking system at short notice. Call now on 0800 144 144.

  • At storage systems we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and customer service. If you have a quote from another competitor we will endeavour to beat it.